The Characteristics of C-Minor

The Characteristics of C-Minor is a 14 minute documentary about Nick Knox, a Dunedin based musician. The project was commissioned by the BBC for their BBC Knowledge channel, where it premiered in February 2014. The film has gone on to receive critical acclaim and has screened in 20 festivals internationally.

Musician Knick Knox is likely to the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. But when you see him on stage – trancelike behind the keyboard, shimmering with dark mana, growling into the microphone – that sweet character you thought you knew slips into a minor key. In The Characteristics of C-Minor, Nick talks for the first time about his battles with his own mind. Lucid, revealing interviews, and footage of glittering live performances, build a portrait of a man who transforms his titanic internal struggles through his art. 

To those who know Nick now, it comes as a surprise that he spent years of his youth in painful isolation. Cut off from society and family, strangled by a dangerous mix of physical and psychological impediments, this isolation culminated in an incident that changed his life forever. 

Nick still carries the scars and aftermath of that metamorphic event. However, the years since the accident have seen him emerge into a truly evolved man: glowing with warmth, intelligence, and love for his creative community. 

What comes through strongly in The Characteristics of C-Minor is Nick’s ability to be radically vulnerable. This is the driving force for his music. Solitary musical explorations have enabled a real sense of self-discovery and emotional self-knowledge. This deep, new confidence, combined with the widening validation of his community, lets us see a man alive with gratitude and wonder as never before. 

Part biopic, part music video, part tribute to Gothic beauty, this affecting film pays witness to the emotional armour of a scarred man, and to the thundering growl that emerges when he peels it off.

Director : J Ollie Lucks & Max Bellamy
D.O.P : Max Bellamy


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Festivals :

  • Documentary Edge, New Zealand
  • Cine Globe at CERN, Switzerland
  • Byron Bay International Film Festival, Australia
  • International Movie Awards, Indonesia (Winner)
  • Almost Famous Film Festival, USA (Winner)
  • Teheran International Short Film Festival, Iran
  • Tucson Film & Music Festival, USA
  • Fic Puebla, Mexico
  • The Short Film Awards, USA
  • The Magma Festival, Italy
  • Highway 61 Film Festival, USA
  • Souq Film Festival, Italy
  • Reel Health International Film Festival, Australia
  • Mosaic World Film Fest, USA (Winner)
  • Shortz! Film Festival, USA
  • Heartland Film Festival, USA
  • Woodstock Film Festival, USA
  • Desert Rocks Film and Music Event, USA
  • Canberra Short Film Festival, Australia (Finalist)
  • Colorado Film Festival, USA (Honourable Mention)
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