Come Rain; Come Shine

Under My Breath, Still from HD Video loop, 5:55, 2013

Carriage, Still from HD Video loop, 12:20, 2013

Catalogue Text/ Curator Jamie Hanton

i. A Greeting:

The greeting sets the tone of the communication. Express it in your native tongue, the 
listening party's language, or in something considered as an international standard? The 
concept of negotiability. A split-second to comprehend the context before the situation 
changes. Moving closer mutually is the premium option: the feeling of trust hangs in the 
balance. But we probably shouldn't read that much into it.

* Task for the isolated - Stand opposite someone wearing headphones, put your headphones on 
too. Wave at them and proceed from there.

ii. A Communication:

The core of the very matter becomes apparent here. That is, if the feasibility of the 
proposition hasn't been irrevocably compromised by a failure to negotiate successfully at the 
greeting stage. 

We see a radio, but that's not the right device for this task. It is crucial that as few 
misunderstandings as possible occur. The labour involved is the spidery black ink covering a 
multitude of lined pages. The mechanical sweep of the laser printer cannot achieve labour 
regardless of how hard it exerts itself. Be glad of this much, at least. 

i.a. A Greeting:

It is crucial that the net is cast wide; establishing multiple moments of contact is 
generative. Opportunities missed or lost can have disastrous consequences in the future. 
A man with his back to the ocean obviously has no interest in exploring, or building bridges 
with others. His main concern is protectionism; in keeping what he has for the future. The 
waves rush from their deepest bluest position to meet him on the jagged rocks. Again and 
again they prostrate themselves in aid of something. He simply stands there, umbrella in 
hand, trying to stay dry.

iii. A Transaction:

In ancient times gold, silver, and other valuables were held in temples and were said to be 
afforded safety 'by the will of the gods' (Source: Wikipedia). Communion with higher powers 
occurs through a number of channels: physical ritual, spoken and written devotions, ethereal 
messages. Contracts of faith. 

What we don't understand, we can make mean anything (Source: A book of fiction I once read).
The completion of the first transaction enables a second to be initiated more easily. 

iv. A Greeting: 

Dear. To Whom it May Concern. To. Miss. Mr. Ms. Mrs. Surname? First name? I'm writing to you. 
In the first person on behalf of the institution I represent. We are happy to consider to 
your request.

v. A Communication:

But what if the immediately available structures do not offer the degree of security he 
requires? This particular higher power no longer presides over such trifling matters. 
The impact of distance on communication can be mitigated by power, perceived or otherwise. An 
aura of trustworthiness that glows like a second Sun, and reaches all the corners of the 
globe is quite a persuasive thing.

vi. A Transaction:

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. So said the Code of Hammurabi, which encoded legal 
punishments for a plethora of crimes (Source: Wikipedia). Some so specific as to be almost 
unbelievable. But, as that well-worn phrase goes: Don't do the crime if you can't do the 

Following a second transaction an expectation of repeat custom is created. 

vii. A Greeting:

This dual channel video installation was commissioned by the Blue Oyster Project Space for exhibition at SUPERMARKET 2013, an ARI / project space art fair in Stockholm, Sweden. 

It has since featured in FOREX: Outcomes from the Blue Oyster’s International Expeditions and at the 2013 NZIFF in the video art before features programme. 

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